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After many years of clinging stubbornly to LJ, I am slowly moving my fannish presence over here. To get started, here is a really really short introduction to [personal profile] igrockspock.

Fandom: Right now, my main fandom is all the Star Wars, most especially all the Leia things. I also play in the MCU Netflix verse, especially where Claire Temple is concerned. Veronica Mars is the forever fandom that I'll always love and always write in occasionally. Past fandoms include Avengers, Harry Potter, and Star Trek AOS.

Professionally: I am a public high school teacher in the Midwestern USA. Sometimes I post about that, sometimes it shows up in my fic in obvious and not-so-obvious ways.

Personally: I love to travel. I love making budget spreadsheets for potential trips and writing how-to posts to show other people how to travel cheaply. I came home from Romania today and hope to start posting my travelogue soon.

New friends: Please stop by and say hi! My stubborn refusal to abandon LJ meant that I lost touch with a lot of online friends, so I would love to meet new people. I post anywhere from once a day to once a week, depending on how busy life is. Fannish posts are always unlocked; travel and teaching stuff is always locked. The balance of fannish and RL content is probably about 50/50, but varies a bit depending on where I am in the school year.


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